FEDERAL 12GA SHORTY LOAD 1.75" 15/16oz 8shot 10rd


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Manufacturer Part #:  12GA SHORTY LOAD 1.75"
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Price: $9.99
Federal Has Just Released a New Line of Short Shotshells for 2019 Federal Shorty Shotshells prove the old adage that good things do come in small packages. Federal is excited to offer Shorty's in a variety of different loads and this particular one is perfect for target shooting at the range. This 1-3/4" shot shell features 15/16 ounce of number 8 sized shot. The load will travel at around 1145fps perfecting for knocking down steel targets or punching holes in paper. Additionally, like with other Federal Loads, the Shorty Shotshells are made with quality plastic hulls, reliable primers and they will provide you with clean consistent performance. Federal Shorty Shotshells Ammunition Specifications and Features: Federal Premium SH1298 12 Gauge 1-3/4" Shell Length #8 Shot Size 15/16 Ounce Muzzle Velocity 1145 fps Similar Overall Performance To Full Size Counterparts Quality Plastic Hulls Reliable Primers Clean Consistent Performance Uses: Target Shooting, Training, and Plinking 10 Rounds
Model:12GA SHORTY LOAD 1.75"

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