270 Win

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Manufacturer Part #:  270 WIN 140GR BERGER
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Federal Premium Ammunition is excited to announce a partnership with Berger building some of the most popular Federal loads ever offered. Utilizing the proven Berger Hybrid bullet which has been fine tuned to provide exceptional accuracy particular through factory built rifles. The Berger Hybrid features a BC which exceeds those of comparable designs due to the hybrid nose design which features tangent and secant ogive features. Federal Premium Berger Hybrid Hunter Ammunition P270BCH1 .270 Winchester 140 Grain Berger Hybrid Projectile Nickel-Plated Brass Cases Gold Medal Primer Specialized Propellant Reloadable Hybrid tangent-secant ogive bullet design High ballistic coefficient Superior accuracy across a wide range of factory firearms Muzzle Velocity 2950 fps Muzzle Energy 2705 ft/lbs Uses: Hunting Medium Game
Model:270 WIN 140GR BERGER

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